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Meet author Deepak N Kotecha

hindus Awake!

Book 1:The Foundation

hindus Awake! The Book Series

Readers' Comments (Excerpted) on hindus Awake! Book 1


"...simple yet profound...has a place in every Hindu household..." P.K., Houston, TX, USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 11)

"...refreshing...excellent insight...extremely simple yet frank discussion...bold and direct...highly recommend to anyone in search of spirituality from a Hindu perspective...an excellent and thought provoking book for everyone..." R.D., Houston, TX, USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 10)

"As a non-Hindu......I found Dr. Kotecha's book inspiring and hard to put down. It is something I wish all Hindus would read so they can reclaim the pride in one of the world's great religions and ways of life. I wish all non-Hindus would read it so they can glimpse a world of ideas and values they too often dismiss." Dr. R.B., Chicago, IL, USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 9)

"... wonderful contribution...for all Hindus, young and old...I have read the book and have learnt so much about our own Sanatan Dharma... I would recommend this book to all educational libraries of the institutions and colleges involved in teaching interfaith topics. In very simple words you have tried to explain every aspects of our Hindu Dharma. This book should be read by all our younger generation boys and girls because they will, then, be able to understand the meaning and purpose of being born as a human being in this world. I have immensely enjoyed reading it and learning many aspects of Hinduism." S.P., Houston, TX USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 8)

"This book...is an inspiration for all hindus!..." N.N., London, U.K. (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 7)

"hindus Awake is... inspirational,thought provoking and enlightening...a UNIQUE book because of its easy to follow conversational style of writing...I have read a lot of other religious material in the past in search of answers to various questions that I have pondered over in life and have found myself lost in the material because of the complicated use of the English language. hindus Awake! on the other hand feels more like a conversation about hinduism with the author himself which encourages you to read on further. I have learned a lot from this book...I think its simplicity and conversational approach to introducing the vast subject of Hinduism will definitely appeal to both young and mature readers. Excellent work!" S.K., Ann Arbor, MI, USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 6)

"I read this book in one sitting. I was amazed to read about Hinduism in so much depth. The best part about this book is that the author, Dr. Kotecha has really used a very simple, straight from the heart language. I will be honest; I thought I know almost everything about Hinduism. But I was flabbergasted about my ignorance. What does Swastika represents, why exactly we celebrate Janmahastmi, and essence of Gita in a very straightforward language. I read to my daughters. They loved it. It had become our routine that every night from 8:30 to 9:00 pm, I will read to them and then discuss about it...Moreover, I love this website..." A.T., Sugar Land, TX USA (Read Full Review in Guestbook - scroll to # 4)


"...Fascinating...Non-Sampradayic...Author shows a deep understanding of Hinduism..." P. Khambhati, Voice of Sanatan Hinduism RADIO, Houston, TX USA

"...A very educational and inspiring book...very enticing the way Deepak explains with simplicity...hindus Awake! is a must have for every Indian household..." Ruchi Mukherjee, Chief of Bureau, TV Asia, Houston, TX USA (Read Full Review)

"...Extraordinary Mission and Service to Sanatan Hindu Dharma..." Garavi Gujarat (Worldwide Publication) (Read Full Review)




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Book 2: The Devotion






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