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Book 2: The Essential Message

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Book 2: The Devotion

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Book 1:The Foundation


The book series hindus Awake! is written in an easy to understand conversational style of English as a narrative. It explores our purpose and position in Creation and ponders our relationship to the Supreme. The first book, The Foundation, essentially goes through the basics of Hinduism in a "why" sort of way, not necessarily just the "what" which most of us as Hindus are already familiar with. For instance, in the chapter on Creation, we explore briefly the initial separation of the aatma from the Supreme, and follow its journey into what may be an eternal cycle in playing with Maya. Did you know, for example, that the words Paramaatma, Ishwar, Parmeshwar, Bhagavan and so on are commonly used synonymously, but are each truly unique in their own definition? Each of these definitions of the "Supreme" is meaningfully different, and knowing the aatma's relationship to each of these, and indeed to each other, is Supremely significant! Read to understand, and read for a change - a true and heartfelt change - in your individual perception of the Supreme.

A lot of fuzzy 'assumptions' are rapidly clarified, and the basic tenets of Hinduism are laid out in a firm foundation of easy to understand and even occasionally fiery narrative that is delivered straight from the heart with all its conversational and grammatical faults. Yes, absolutely read the Scriptures, but read these books first to gain a new sense of perspective, insight and urgency. Learn simply and rapidly what makes a human different from every other creature in creation, why this form is so special, and what our true purpose is. Then, truly read the scriptures to genuinely learn and understand them with a newfound sense of devotion and direction!

The Spirit of the book series hindusAwake! is to jolt and awaken Hindus worldwide to their treasure of Hinduism and to keep it from slipping through their hands within a short generation, or perhaps even less, through the easy and yet passionate education and commentary of Hinduism's underlying principles. Hindus have had a tremendous contribution to the world, from medicine and surgery to agriculture and engineering, from aerospace and aviation to astronomy and a profound understanding of the cosmos, and from culture and religion to even the art and science of weaponery.

Despite all their knowledge and might, Hindus historically have been and still are a peace loving and compassionate people, and have rarely if ever been the initial aggressors or predators on other people or nations. Most importantly, Hindus have contributed shining examples and emmisaries of peace to the world such as Swami Vivekanand, Swami Dayanandji and Mahatma Gandhi that have inspired free-thinking leaders such as the great Dr. Martin Luther King in recent history. This message of peaceful strength and hope stemming from Hindu ideals, principles, courage and ingenuity is of utmost importance in the world today.

Hindus should not and cannot lose their foundation of peace and knowledge - the scriptures and their true teachings - such as the Vedas, the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, the Shrimad Bhagwat, the Ramayan, and so on, the real sources of Hindu ingenuity and integrity, for these scriptures form the very foundation of Hinduism. Remember, one is not born a Hindu - one must follow the teachings of Hinduism to earn that privilege. Therefore, if you are a Hindu, THINK before you act! Yes, Absolutely! Every Single Time! These views represent our thoughts - we wholeheartedly welcome yours. Please address all thoughts, suggestions, errors, concerns or comments to DrK@hindusAwake.com We will gladly correct any errors or oversights at our earliest opportunity. ......................................

Jai Shri Krishna!






Our Vision of Hinduism is of a United ONE transcending sampradayic boundaries


of promoting Spirituality through the principles of Hinduism


Sanatan Dharma



Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah -

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